The grace of God in their lives. The power of the Holy Spirit in all they said and did. The authority the almighty, matched and bettered only by Jesus Christ Himself 800 years after this incredible duo. The call and commissioning of God himself so plainly evidenced in both of their experiences. Their launch into the prophetic – one clearly seen, one left for us to research and ponder. The prophetic conception received from believing the scripture and hearing the voice of God. The presence of God being a tangible and impacting reality in all their activities. The privacy of word reception and the worldwide public delivery of that word.  One was a total loner when it came to his human interaction, one was a team leader.

Elijah and Elisha. Father and son. Mentor and protege. Leader and follower. Is there anything, anybody or any thought that can inspire than the man from Tishbe and the farmer from Abel Meholah.  If I can’t inspire reading from keeping a watchful eye on what the scripture says of these two people …

Follow me. Read with me. Think with me. Study with me. Let’s go where few men or women have ever gone before and see what we can glean from these two characters.